Waterless urinals made of corn plastic - water savings for the true evironmentalist. They save water, are ecologically sound,
recyclable & combat uric salt build up, breaking down scale deposits. Save money and save the planet. Bio-fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire.

waterless urinals
waterless urinals

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Bio Fresh Waterless Urinals Specialists in Hampshire

waterless urinals made of corn plastic from Bio-Fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire

Bio-Fresh waterless urinals are the culmination of seven years of hands on research & developement.

Made of corn plastic, our waterless urinals are completely recyclable, evironmentally sound and contain nothing harmful to the planet. Bio Fresh waterless urinals are safe to use and fit most other throat units in the waterless and reduced flushing urinals market.

go green
go corn plastic (PLA)
go bio-degradable

It's easy to change from other urinal manufacturers - throw away waterless urinals pollute waste sites all over the country. We at Biofresh UK Ltd. are true conservationists, we don't just pay lip service to the aim.

Our waterless urinals contain bacteria/enzyme blocks that clean and combat the uric salt build up and break down scale deposits so common in gents urinals. The impregnated fragrance of the blocks in our waterless urinals refreshes the washroom and makes the gents toilets smell pleasant all year round.

Eco Friendly Savings with BioFresh Waterless Urinals

The average cost to flush each waterless urinal per year is £300.00 - can we really afford to throw this kind of money away? Try out our savings calculator; just fill in the relevant details and you will see the accurate costs for your region. Remember you not only pay for the water you use, you also pay to have it removed via your drains.

Renewable energy corn plastic (PLA) - ISO 14001 Standard

Bio-Fresh waterless urinals are made from the renewable energy corn plastic(PLA). No petro chemicals are used. They conform to ISO 14001 Standard. ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out how you can go about putting in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability and reducing environmental impact; with the commitment of your entire organisation, it can enable you to achieve both objectives.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint Now
Save water, Save money,
Save the planet, it's the Only One We've Got!




You owe it to your children and your grandchildren to make this planet a better place. with endless fresh drinking water - So start today, by installing waterless/reduced flushing urinals and stop pouring good clean water down the drain. SO GO GREEN - GO CORN PLASTIC(PLA) - GO BIO-DEGRADABLE

COST The average cost to flush each urinal per year is 300.00 - can you afford to throw this money down the drain - Go to our savings calculator page, fill in the relevant details and find the accurate costs for your region - remember you not only pay for the water, but you also pay to have it removed via your drains. GO GREEN GO BIO-DGRADABLE & make it worthwhile

RECYCLEABLE? YES - NEW TO THE MARKET - CORN PLASTIC (PLA) COMPLETELY BIO-DEGRADABLE. Just clean and dispose of in the normal way - bio-degrades with 4 months None of our competitors can make this claim. So if you are an true evironmentalist - ours is the only unit you can use with a clear conscience.

SAVINGS In addition to annual water and sewerage charges, changing to the Bio-Fresh waterless urinal unit, with service agreement , means no expensive call out charges to clear blockages, or money wasted on the cost of odour masking products.

CONVENIENCE We will maintain and service all waterless urinals installed with the Bio-Fresh unit meaning your staff will no longer have to carry out any unpleasant tasks in the washroom. In the unlikely event of your urinal blocking, between service calls, we will call free of charge to deal with the problem. Providing vandalism is not involved. GO GREEN - GO CORN PLASTIC(PLA) and join the BIO-DEGRADABLE revolution & save your staff unpleasant work

ENGINEERS EXPERIENCE In the workplace we have found that only P traps are reliable - Bottle traps have an inherant design fault that make them highly undesirable in urinals and should only be used where space prohibits the installation of P traps. In fact if space allows we do not fit traps to all waterless urinals, but fit a through trap after the run of urinals, this allows more flushing action to get to the lone trap and if you have a reduced flushing system it multiplies the flushing of a single trap, which is easily removed if problems occur. SO GO GREEN, GO CORN PLASTIC(PLA) AND BE BIO-DEGRADEABLE for your children & gradchildren

WATERLESS URINALS OR REDUCED FLUSHING It's entirely up to the customer. Both work well, if cleaning regime is adhered to. Waterless urinals require dosing at least twice a week. Dosing means mixing 1 litre of water with sufficient enzyme cleaner and pouring over unrinal head, to cleanse block and release extra enzymes into system. Reduced flushing requires a flushing control that times flushing every six hours, saving 96% of water costs associated with normal urinal running. G0 GREEN & JOIN THE CORN PLASTIC(PLA) IN CROWD AND BE BIO-DEGRADABLE.

BECOME A WATERLESS URINAL DISTRIBUTOR & join the Corn plastic(pla) bio-degradable revolution Why pay 12-15,000 for a franchise for the old fashioned plastic unit, when you can have one for free. You only have to buy the waterless urinal units when you have orders. Join the business of the future and get people to save water and in doing so save them money. Not the hardest thing to sell and it will get easier as global warming takes holds. Join us and become your own boss with potential earnings in excess of 100,000 per annum. GO GREEN GO BIO-DEGRADEABLE & earn more money.


SOUTHERN - HYGIENIC SOLUTIONS TEL:02392 321970 FAX: 02392 382303 sales@hygienicsolutions.co.uk - hygienicsolutions@hotmail.com

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AUSTRALIA, ASIA & DUBAI - heavenfresh@dodo.com.au Tel 1300 302 327

ISLE OF WIGHT - HAMPSHIRE - DAVE POLTER TEL : 01983 883776 - MOB : 0780 1511402


Have your number put here as a Bio-Fresh - CORN PLASTIC(PLA) - BIO-DEGRADABLE waterless urinal distributor

ISO standard and eco friendly water savings Hampshire

Waterless Urinal Corn Plastic Unit: ISO 14001 Accredited

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Waterless urinals made of corn plastic - water savings for the true evironmentalist. They save water, are ecologically sound,
recyclable & combat uric salt build up, breaking down scale deposits. Save money and save the planet. Bio-fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire.

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